Fun with falsy (JS is crazy)

July 5, 2018

This little bug came through via a user that was unable to render a chart correctly for a given line. Console gave me:

TypeError: Cannot read property 'call' of null
    at highcharts-modified-nav-extend.js:7391
    at Array.forEach (<anonymous>)
    at q (highcharts-modified-nav-extend.js:533)
    at c.R.drawDataLabels (highcharts-modified-nav-extend.js:7378)
    at c.render (highcharts-modified-nav-extend.js:6258)
    at c.redraw (highcharts-modified-nav-extend.js:6285)
    at highcharts-modified-nav-extend.js:4996
    at Array.forEach (<anonymous>)
    at q (highcharts-modified-nav-extend.js:533)
    at u.Chart.redraw (highcharts-modified-nav-extend.js:4995)

The error in question had a line that looked like this:

i = d.format ? Na(d.format, q) :, d);

Alright… Well, d is defined and ready for action but let’s check the object properties. Specifically d.format.

//Chrome console output

Highcharts is checking if there is a format property and if so do something and if not do something else. In my case, it was trying to do something else. This makes sense as JavaScript evaluates 0 length strings as false. Two options at this point, provide a format function that returns false or determines what this code is actually trying to do.

After looking into it the data comes from a C# web service and pre-populates all of these values. Not real easy to pass along a JavaScript function in a JSON web-service call, however, looking at the web-service I have this line.

string format = data.ReferenceName != null ? data.ReferenceName : "";

It appears that we simply want an empty string for rendering purposes. Not a false string, just an empty string. Solution:

string format = data.ReferenceName != null ? data.ReferenceName : "  "; //String that is empty and truthy

For my needs, this worked. No client-side code changes and fixed in a matter of minutes.