Full Stack web developer‽


I enjoy working with most parts of a web application but really prefer the backend and database layers. I have a strong preference for using PostgreSQL and I feel it is usually a good place to store calculations and assimilate data. But micro-services… I think that microservices are a great solution to a very real problem but often times it is premature for your application. I have seen time and time again people worried about scaling or whatever problem they believe they have when in reality they have a 15mb database and are serving 10,000 requests per month. Well, my friend, you would have been fine with Rails and no optimization at all.

My background is primarily in Geo-Spatial systems and I have worked with Y Combinator startups, large Oil and Gas companies (Conoco, BP) and Municipal and State governments. I have worked on projects ranging from a few thousand to over a million. On that note, I have worked on teams ranging from 1 - 15 developers with various levels of project management and technical leadership. All of this has lead to a very balanced approach to software development. Unfortunately, it has also made me somewhat hesitant about the “move fast and break things** movement. Unfortunately, I have seen too many times that when you rush, rush, rush it often means you are really just digging, digging, digging a whole. For this reason, I think that agile/sprints that are focused on providing value and paired with a robust test-suite and code-reviews are the only proven, cost-effective, way to develop software.

Current tools

  • DataGrip for PostgreSQL (testing TablePlus currenlty)
  • Toad for Oracle (come to PostgreSQL please…)
  • Spacemacs is the editor I have been trying for 6 months
  • VSCode sometimes (Node debugging - formatting)

Personal Interests & Hobbies

  • Family activities
  • Dogs (Bettie and Stanley)
  • Outdoors (hiking, camping)